What Our Clients Say About Us

After the first month of study, my Spanish vocabulary is good enough to read some simple articles and have a conversation. Nothing was forgotten after two weeks of vacation, and I can study anywhere on my own schedule! I complete homework without any problems, and I am very happy about my studies. The learning process of the course is very engaging, I don't drag myself to the computer. The team are real professionals in their field who know how to captivate you! I am happy that I started learning the language at Virgolingo and I will continue studying with you.
Nina Lester, MD
We are very grateful to Virgolingo for providing us with their advanced language courses. We were delighted with the team's responsiveness and customer service. The knowledge we received will definitely be applied in practice, and we will share our opinion with colleagues.
Natalia Tseelos
Thanks for the course, everything was very interesting and useful! I took it to improve my skills. The course combined theory and practical assignments. There was enough time to complete it. Learning is pleasant and interesting. I appreciated your attentive attitude throughout the course. Thanks again!
Helen Blackman
I work in family medicine, and we have many Spanish-speaking patients. I wanted to learn Spanish to casually communicate with them and their relatives. I liked everything about the course. The organization of the learning process is convenient and smooth. Planning to take a personal branding course too, but a little later.
Julia Botsvadze